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Say what you think of our Blue Boys

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Welcome to yourxbluexshout!

A community for YOU! All Chelsea fans who have something to say! This is the place to let off steam, and rant away about your favourite club. Air your views on how the team did in a recent match. Or if an article about your favourite player has you riled up. Anything Chelsea FC related that you want to get off your chest, do so here! Cos this is YOUR Blue Shout!

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Im not going to bog this community down with rules, so they'll be short and simple.

x Join! Once you do, you can post! and let free your Chelsea views.
x If it is extremely long (im talking over 2,000 words) and/or contains pictures please put behind a LJ-cut.
x Swearing IS acceptable, but do so wisely, I dont want every other word to be an expletive! but every once in a while its ok! Football can make you very frustrated!!!
xDo NOT insult player(s), However you MAY be CRITICAL! there is a difference!! Dont openly state "Players name - is so shit." state what the player did wrong, you can say "he had a bad game... he put in poor crosses, he needs to improve...etc..."

So thats it! All thats left to say is ENJOY! And get posting!